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At the Vision Smart Center, we believe that only the highest quality ingredients can be used to create the highest quality finished products, which is why every one of our products contains New Zealand Cassis (Blackcurrant) anthocyanin extract powders and seed oils, manufactured by Just the Berries.

All of the Cassis berries used in our products are grown in New Zealand by Just the Berries. Here, one of their Cassis farms stays hydrated in the warm summer heat. On the left, the grandchildren of David Eder, one of Just the Berries’ Cassis farmers spends a warm afternoon picking Cassis berries. 



The Vision Smart Center specifically chose New Zealand Cassis (blackcurrants) as the key element of our nutraceutical supplement line due to their proven ability to promote overall health, and their remarkable active components. The natural elements found in New Zealand Cassis include antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and essential fatty acid GLA, all of which help to benefit a specific realm of health ailments and symptoms. New Zealand Cassis have been used for generations as natural health promoting source, and this “King of Berries” has been recognized for having the highest anthocyanin content of any fruit or berry.

One of Just the Berries farmers in Christchurch, New Zealand examines the quality of a soon-to-be-harvested branch of Cassis berries.



To insure the highest quality New Zealand Cassis, and most potent raw ingredients, the Vision Smart Center turns solely to Just the Berries , which is responsible for the growth and manufacturing of all the New Zealand Cassis ingredients. Just the Berries is located in Christchurch, New Zealand, which is the largest city on the South Island. In addition to an ideal island environment, New Zealand Also holds the highest reputation for product safety and excellence, and Just the Berries  grows all of their berries without the use of harsh pesticides or chemicals. Just the Berries utilizes the world’s top class farmers, which are passionate about this unique fruit.   

A harvest travels through one of Just the Berries Cassis farms in New Zealand, as employees monitor the Cassis berries as they are plucked from the shrubs



This pristine island environment boasts pure mountain waters, nutrient-rich soils, freedom from acid rain and pollution, and an ideal climate which helps to insure the growth of the world’s healthiest New Zealand Cassis berries. Cassis are harvested only once annually, in January, and although this month may be cold and grey in the United States, this is actually a balmy and summer-like season in New Zealand. Each year, the Just the Berries farmers harvest an estimated 1,000 tons of fresh Cassis fruit, and studies have shown that these berries are far superior to those grown throughout the world, and even in other New Zealand locations.


The specific variety of Cassis grown and harvested by Just the Berries is Ben Ard, which studies have concluded offer the highest anthocyanin level of all Cassis varieties, including Ben Rua and Magnus. Although several varieties of Cassis may be harvested every year in New Zealand, it has been documented by numerous research organizations that Just the Berries’ Ben Ard variety offers the most power health-promoting anthocyanins and other active elements, and continues to achieve the highest ORAC scores.

The ideal island environment of New Zealand makes it ideal for the growth of the world’s healthiest Cassis berries. The weather, with high UV rays, pollution-free air, fertile soils, and mountain spring waters are responsible for the quality of these Cassis berries, including potent anthocyanin compounds.  


The key anthocyanin extract begins with wholesome Cassis berries that are harvested by Just the Berries  in Christchurch, New Zealand. After harvest, the fresh berries quickly begin their process into extract powders; first about 75% of the water and liquid is removed from the berries, and then seeds are them removed using an advanced method which keeps the seed intact, saving the high GLA content. The remaining berry components, packed with natural anthocyanins are then analyzed, followed by a powder extraction utilizing the water and alcohol method. Filtrate extracted cassis liquid can then be concentrated into an anthocyanin  liquid concentrate, which Just the Berries continues to mill and blend to the standardized 30% anthocyanins, creating Active Cassis Extract 30. This state-of-the-art extraction process leaves all of the berry’s active components intact, including phytochemicals, antioxidants, anthocyanins, and polyphenols.

An image of Active Cassis Extract 30, manufactured by Just the Berries and used in many of the Vision Smart Center’s nutraceutical supplements. 


Essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA ) is another powerful component found in many of the Vision Smart Center’s products. The GLA  element is found in the seed of New Zealand Cassis berries, which are harvested and manufactured by Just the Berries. Every January, Just the Berries harvests an estimated 1,000 tons of fresh New Zealand Cassis, and each fresh berry contains approximately 60% seeds. Although the seed content is relatively high, each seed only contains an estimated 3% oil. Just the Berries utilizes the most advanced practices to harness this rare essential fatty acid, including a super critical extraction method. Because GLA  is rarely found in nature, Just the Berries puts the highest emphasis on safely and effectively removing the oil for use throughout the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and comseceutical markets.

The Cassis Seed Oil is bright yellow in color, and includes approximately 16% of natural GLA. 

Because Just the Berries is committed to the highest level of raw ingredients, and the production of the world’s healthiest New Zealand Cassis Berries, the Vision Smart Center uses only their most potent and health-promoting ingredients in our finished product line. The high quality standards that Just the Berries  continuously reaches translates into potent, safe, and effective nutracueutical products manufactured by the Vision Smart Center.