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Symptoms of cataracts is caused by cloudiness of the lens in the eye. This prevents the proper clear focusing of light on the retina, which can impair vision. Most commonly this cloudiness is caused by aging but it can also stem from a wide variety of other issues. Sufferers compare having cataracts to constantly looking through a foggy window  which gradually gets worse.
Blackcurrant anthocyanins are well recognized for their powerful benefits to eye health. They combat the dangerous effects of free radicals many specialists believe play a role in developing disease (such as cataracts). Blackcurrant anthocyanins have also been shown to have powerful effects improving blood circulation in and around the eye area. This affect not only supports the body natural defenses and immune system but, can assist with flushing away waste build up in the eye that can lead to eye damage and disease.
It is the amazing effects mentioned above that has led many specialists and regular takers of blackcurrant extracts to believe that, regular supplementation with these high health compounds may assist in the prevention or worsening of cataracts.
The powerful anti-oxidant power of blackcurrant extracts is also recommended by many medical professionals as an ideal treatment to help recovery from cataract surgery. This is because the inflammation that occurs around the eye following the procedure can induce significant free radical activity that may lead to long term eye damage.

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