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Photophobia is a condition whereby sufferers eyes are very sensitive to light. This can cause pain and discomfort (including red glare and pounding headaches) particularly under bright conditions. This condition can be caused by: damage to the eyes, illness, brain injury or natural eye disorders.
Blackcurrant anthocyanins are able to help with this condition by reducing the oxidative stress naturally placed on the eye. This can help reduce sensitivity to external stimuli such as light. Similarly, anthocyanins may help reduce neurological oxidative stresses and restore correct nerve activity (potentially alleviating light sensitivity)
A  number of scientific studies have also when the ability of blackcurrant anthocyanins to assist production of rhodopsin, an important compound during light/dark adjustment in the eye that needs to be constantly reproduced (as it is destroyed by bright light). Clinical evidence suggests blackcurrant extracts can help people adjust to changing light conditions, particularly dark adaptation throught the support of rhodopsin regeneration (an effects that may potentially assist with photophobia).

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