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Vision Smart Supreme

Anthocyanins Benefits 

Vision Smart Supreme is created from the powerful antioxidant components naturally found in New Zealand Cassis berries. All Cassis berries and antioxidant concentrates used by the Vision Smart Center are grown and manufactured by Just the Berries, one of the world’s most acclaimed cassis specialists. The fresh berries first undergo a state of the art process which removes 75% of the water, and all of the seeds. The anthocyanins, which include D3R and C3R compositions, are then extracted from the remaining fresh berries components, and are concentrated for use in our top quality Vision Smart Supreme nutraceutical supplement.

Only the  world’s best New Zealand Cassis ingredients go into our anthocyanin supplements.



Vision Smart Supreme is manufactured without the use of any allergens, and this pure anthocyanin extract is sealed in a specialty vegetable polysaccharide capsule (Pullulan). Each box contains 60 capsules, which are encased in four blister packs per box. The suggested dosage is one capsule taken twice daily, or as recommended by a qualified healthcare consultant.




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The health benefits associated with the Cassis anthocyanins, polyphenols, and antioxidants found in Vision Smart Supreme include glaucoma and macular degeneration support, relief from eye fatigue and related body fatigue, and combating dry eye symptoms. This product offers a wide range of health support capabilities, and may benefit a lengthy list of vision health sufferers.

A wide range of vision and eye conditions may improve by consumption of Cassis Anthocyanins



Powerful antioxidants, specifically anthocyanins, are extracted from fresh New Zealand Cassis berries to create the unrivaled vision support of Vision Smart Supreme. The vision health improvements associated with antioxidants and anthocyanins include glaucoma and macular degeneration support, combating eye fatigue and related body strain, and relief from dry eye symptoms.


Scientific research suggested that Cassis Anthocyanins may combat Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Eye Fatigue, and Dry Eye symptoms.



Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) damage in the human body is directly related to the onset of numerous vision illnesses including macular degeneration. A recent study performed by Saint Mary’s Eye Clinique and Saint Mary Hospital in Korea tested the role of H2O2 in the cell death of human retinal pigment epithelial cells, and the impressive results showed that Cassis anthocyanin extracts were able to vastly decrease the H2O2 that causes this harmful cell death.


A scientific study comparing natural extracts and teas, and their ability to reduce H2O2 within the body.



One of the most prevalent vision illnesses is glaucoma, and a study conducted by Hirosaki University tested the improvement of glaucoma conditions after supplementation of New Zealand Cassis anthocyanins. Thirty patients with normal tension glaucoma were given these anthocyanin concentrations for six months, and it was found that after the test period, blood flow through the optic nerve and retina were significantly increased. The ability to reduce these key glaucoma symptoms and conditions has led researchers to believe that Cassis anthocyanins may be an important supplement for those suffering from glaucoma.


Another recent study conducted by Ikuyo Oguro, et. Al on the effect of Cassis Anthocyanins on retinal blood flow circulation in Glaucoma patients