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KIDS VisionSmart

The Fantastic Features of KIDS Vision Smart™

The Delicious Blackcurrant Flavor of
Jelly Functional Food Kids Love



Nutritional Supplement Information

Each ingredients used to make Kids Vision Smart™ has been derived exclusively from vegetarian sources with the exception of Vitamin D3. Every 10g (0.35oz) sachet adds to you childs daily nutrition with the following premium ingredients :


*Percentage daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
**Daily values not established
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Although unlikely, product may be a potential chocking hazard
IMPORTANT NOTE:Please consult with your family doctor before use if your child is on blood thinning medications or is anticipating surgery. Additionally, although unlikely -  if your child experiences any adverse reaction to this product, please cease administration and consult your family doctor.

Freshness, Purity and Safety Guaranteed

                    Each Sachet Meets Label Specifications  and is Conveniently                                 Packaged in Boxes of 30             

Each 10g sachet provides a daily dosage of delicious, safe and active ingredients that support the healthy growth and development of children. Simply tear at the perforated line to open then give to your kids to eat straight from the sachet! For optimal effects, this delicious snack is best served once per day after a meal.

Zero Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Unlike many other children's snacks and supplements, this tasty treat contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The unique and natural flavor and color of KIDS Vision Smart™, comes from the premium quality Blackcurrants exclusively sourced from the pristine New Zealand environment. While advanced processing and packing techniques ensure KIDS Vision Smart™ remains sterile and safe to eat for over 18 months, without the use of any artificial preservatives!

Free from Harmful Contaminants and many Allergens

Advanced pesticide-free cultivation techniques in addition to the clean air, fertile land and fresh water found in New Zealand; make New Zealand blackcurrants used in KIDS Vision Smart™ unmatched in terms of quality, health content, safety and flavor. Careful growing procedures and quality control measures ensure KIDS Vision Smart™  has no contamination from heavy metals, pesticides or pollutants. KIDS Vision Smart™ is also free from the common allergens: yeast, milk, wheat and gluten.

           100% Safety Guaranteed Using only Pure and Highly Active Ingredients    with State of the Art Production Facilities

Each ingredient in KIDS Vision Smart™ has been critically reviewed to determine its safety and optimal dosage. All ingredients in KIDS Vision Smart™ have been sourced exclusively from top quality companies that provide only the best quality, pure materials without contamination from pollutants or heavy metals. With the exception of trace levels of soy, there are no detectable allergens in KIDS Vision Smart™.
Finally, formulation and production of KIDS Vision Smart™ only takes place in GMP approved facilities that can meet the highest international standards for safe product production.

Vision Smart Center Delivers Excellence in Safety and Effectiveness Using the Latest Cutting Edge Scientific Technologies  

Vision Smart Center is committed to producing high quality, innovative and active food supplements to help keep families healthy. Maintaining product safety is fundamental to this vision and the upmost priority.
With these core values in mind, a comprehensive approach to the production of KIDS Vision Smart™ involving careful selection of suppliers, dosages, novel technologies and manufacturing facilities, assures parents this product is safe for their kids.