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Skin Blemishes

Skin Blemishes 

This skin condition, which most commonly affects women aged between 20 and 40, appears as a stain or slight discoloration on the face, usually under the eye area. This condition occurs when free radicals damage the intracellular space between skin cells, resulting in modification to skin cell metabolism.
Specialists generally agree the main factors contributing to this condition are: stress, alcohol consumption and poor nutrition (not enough essential nutrients and too much fatty/oily foods)
Fortunately, research has shown Blackcurrant anthocyanins can assist and even reverse the effects of this condition. This is because they possess powerful anti-oxidant activity that can neutralize free radicals and prevent them from causing damage.
In addition, blackcurrant Polyphenols promote healthy blood circulation that nourishes cells and washes away waste buildup - this helps ensure skin cells are healthy and operating at optimum efficiency.


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