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Powerful Anti-inflammatory Effects

The Fatty acids in Blackcurrant seed oil are key components of the anti-inflammatory response. They produce cellular signals stimulating anti-inflammatory compounds and, compete for enzymes needed in pro-inflammatory responses. A lack of these Fatty acids in modern diets is said to explain the current prevalence of inflammatory diseases. Many health professionals now recommend Blackcurrant Seed oil suppliments (beacuse of it high GLA content) to help with symptoms of joint pain and arthritis.
Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, conducted research examining the effects of GLA supplementation on patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). They found that after 6 months of treatment, 64% of patients receiving GLA had noticeable improvements to RA symptoms with none of these patients showing signs of further deterioration. Conversely, a much higher proportion of patients in the control group showed no sign of improvement and almost a third of showed further deterioration.

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