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Anti-Cancer Activity

Powerful Support Against Cancer Activity

Recently the GLA content within Blackcurrant Seed Oil has been generating much interest for its Anti-Cancer properties. More and More studies are demonstrating the ability of GLA to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, some of which are even noted on the website for The American Cancer Society.


GLA a Complementary Supplement to Cancer Medicine

Other research has found that GLA may specifically be beneficial to patients suffering from or recovering from breast cancer. This is because GLA naturally plays a role in the regulation of key genes involved in producing breast cancer tumors. Many doctors now recommend Blackcurrant Seed Oil as a supplement that complements regular medicine to help patients post breast cancer surgery.

One English clinical phase II study found that patients taking GLA supplements with the Cancer treatment drug Tamoxifen responded more quickly to the drug than those who took tamoxifen alone.

Immune Boosting and Anti-Inflammatory Effects
Help Reduce Risk of Cancer

Other aspects of GLA and Blackcurrant Seed oil also contribute anti-cancer qualities including the immune boosting properties (which enhance the body's natural defenses) and the anti-inflammatory properties (inflammation has long been associated with the development of cancer)

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Information provided courtesy of Just the Berries PD Corporation