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Do you already have pre-diabetes?
The most serious disease not diagnosed by your doctor!!!
Affecting 40% of people over 40!!!
This dangerous condition, where blood sugar levels are dangerously elevated, affect millions of people around the world. Including 4 out of every 10 Chinese and Americans over 40 years old!
Most concerning is for most people, pre-diabetes is un-diagnosed until its too late!!! (only ~7% of pre-diabetes is diagnosed)
Are You At Risk???
Identify your Risk with the VSC Self Checklist!

Are Your Blood Glucose Levels Hiding Something?
You May Already Have Pre-Diabetes!
Even Slight Blood Sugar Elevation May Indicate Pre-Diabetes Development!!

Unknown to most people is that even a slight rise in blood glucose levels can actually signal the dangerous Pre-Diabetes condition! (see graph)

Before eating (fasting), glucose levels can appear healthy, as they are only slightly above normal levels (just over 100mg/dL)

However the harmful condition becomes apparent 30-60 minutes after eating where blood sugar jumps dangerously high (>200 mg/dL compared with healthy <150mg/dL).

This represents the bodies increasing inability to process and remove sugar from the blood (causing decreased insulin sensitivity, pre-diabetes and potentially serious disease!).
Because the fasting glucose levels for healthy and Pre-diabetic people are very similar, Pre-diabetes is often un-diagnosed!
Your BMI Score Maybe Warning You About Pre-Diabetes!!!
(Body Mass Index)
Studies Reveal Strong Links Between BMI over 25 and Developing Diabetes in both Men and Women!

Over 900,000 participants took part in the study (cohorts) from 7 different countries.
See results in graph below

Researchers studied over 900,000 participants and found a strong correlation with increasing Body Mass Index (BMI) and developing Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes!

(See Graph below)

A BMI of over 25 and the relative risk for these conditions increases. This is especially true in younger people! (under 50 years old)
Scientists found the risk of developing Pre-diabetes and Diabetes increased in people with a BMI of over 25. The risk was even greater in younger people under 50 years old!
Check Your BMI Now!!!
Please use the following links to calculate your own BMI!

Incredibly Dangerous Health Issues!
Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes Causing Dangerous Health Complications!

If left long term, Pre-diabetes and Diabetes can lead to incredibly serious health issue. Review the list below to see some of the result from ignoring per-diabetes and diabetes.

The Four Steps Needed to Help Prevent Pre-Diabetes!
Don't be A Couch Potato!!

Try to be active for at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week. Walking is a great way to get started and you can do it almost anywhere and any time. Bike riding, swimming, and dancing are also excellent ways to be more active!.


Eat Nutrient-Rich Low-Calorie Foods!!

Replace fried and high-fat foods with fresh vegetables, baked, broiled or grilled chicken, fish and lean meat. Try fruit or nonfat frozen yogurt for dessert instead of cake or ice cream.

Get a Handle on Stress!!

Stress releases hormones that influence how your body handles sugar and can increase your blood pressure. This may raise your risk for diabetes. Exercise is a great stress-buster! Try a yoga class, take a bike ride or go for a swim. Some people relax with a funny book, a  movie, or getting together with friends. 

Take High Quality Supplements!!

High quality supplement can supply you with precious nutrients that are often difficult to find in your daily diet. Taking Vision Smart Supreme with Zinc Picolinate for example, provides 200mg Anthocyanins with 2500IU of VitaminA, 400 mg Folic Acid plus 30mg Zinc: Essential nutrients the body needs that are nearly impossible to get in regular daily foods! This wonderful combination supports the prevention and treatment of prediabetes and its dangerous symptoms.

Fight Back Before its too Late!!!
Prevent Symptoms and Development of 
Pre-Diabetes with Vision Smart Supreme
And Zinc Picolinate with Copper

Taking Vision Smart Centers Vision Smart Supreme in combination with Zinc Picolinate helps reduce the development of Pre Diabetes AND helps prevent or treat associated secondary health diseases!

The powerful combination of Blackcurrant Anthocyanins plus Vitamins A, B6, B12 and Folic Acid with Zinc, helps support you and your family's health by:
  • Helping scavenge excessive Free Radicals, lowering Amyloid deposits in the pancreas (which affect insulin production!)
  • Supporting improved Insulin Sensitivity by helping lower blood concentration
  • Contributing to the Protection and improvement of small blood vessels from damage that can induce diabetic disease
  • Helping enhance Adiponectin production which helps reduce inflammation that can otherwise lead to pre-diabetic syndrome
  • Helping Lower Bad Cholesterol
  • Supporting healthy Blood Glucose Levels
  • Helping reduce Oxidative Stress that can cause eye and brain damage
  • Helping Improve Blood Circulation