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VSC Has Successfully Concluded Another Vision Health Seminar!

Vision Smart Center Presents:
The 4 Dangerous Eye Problems Seminar!

The 4 dangerous eye problems include: Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts and Diabetic Retinopathy.  While these vision problems are surrounding us every day, if you are experiencing Dry eyes, photophobia, watery eyes, as well as seeing small dark spots, those could be the early symptoms to some of these dangerous eye conditions.

At the Vision Smart Center, our customers’ concerns and vision health are our priority. Through careful listening and enthusiasm, staff at the Vision Smart Center try to deliver the best solutions to customers. According to our recent polls, 40% of our customers had experienced some minor eye conditions like: dry eyes or eye strain. These 40 % understood they must take action immediately to avoid worsening the situation. In addition, a small portion of our customers had sought advice from doctors and received medical treatments, but couldn’t see the effectiveness. Thus, they turned to Vision Smart Center.

Nowadays, the general public has been gaining more knowledge and awareness related to vision health, they all hope to choose an effective method and products that are best suited for their vision health.
While Vision Smart Center offers one-of-a-kind premium supplements for vision health, we also send out monthly health awareness newsletters to our customers to provide even more health-related information to everyone.

The one-day in-person vision health seminar has been successfully concluded
by the Vision Smart Center.

In June, Vision Smart Center had the honor to invite Dr. Xing from China to Los Angeles, to meet with our local Chinese consumers, and hosted an informative seminar which included: teaching self-eye exams, sharing how to prevent from eye diseases, and showing actual video of an eye surgery.

Dr. Xing also approved that New Zealand Anthocyanin is one the best antioxidants which could help protect your eyes.


How does Vision Smart Supreme protect our eyes from the 4 dangerous eye conditions?

Blackcurrant anthocyanins is well known for its ability to eliminate harmful free radicals. Blackcurrant anthocyanins not only can eliminate harmful free radicals, it can also improve blood circulation throughout the body. The ability to fight free radicals and improve blood circulation has made Blackcurrant anthocyanins the best formula to protect our eyes.

1.       Eliminate Harmful free radicals H202.

Many clinical researches have shown that almost all eye conditions are caused/related to harmful free radicals, H202. After compared testing results between different elements, Blackcurrant anthocyanins is the only element that could naturalize free radicals H202, and eventually eliminate them.

2.       Improve blood circulation throughout the body, which is the foundation to improve eye health.

Since the eyeball contains many ciliary arteries, poor blood circulation throughout the ciliary arteries has been recognized as one of the causes to eye problems.
Fortunately, clinical research has proven that Blackcurrant anthocyanins can effectively improve blood circulation throughout the body, especially in the eyeball.