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The Vision Smart Center is proud to introduce several real Vision Smart Center product users. We offer a complete line of nutraceutical supplements that help to promote a wide range of overall health, including vision, brain, cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, and women's health issues. These men and women are firm believers and supporters of the powerful vision promoting benefits of our impressive Vision Smart Supreme product. With more than 200 mg of anthocyanins per serving, this remarkable product offers a wide range of proven vision support including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and eye fatigue. Below you will find these Vision Smart Supreme users' amazing experiences:

Super Cassis Power

Experience 1


Miss Nakamura, female: 29 years old, Japanese

I have been taking super cassis power for three months. Before, when I get up every morning, I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I was scared by my big dark pouches. I felt embarrassed if I don’t make up when I go out. But during the two months I take super cassis power, one day I didn’t make up and went to school. Everybody said they didn’t recognize that I didn’t make up. Unconsciously, I felt confident to go out even though I didn’t make up. It is convenient and can save money. I fell like my long hairs easy to be combed. In addition, my hair become more smoothly than before. I will continue to take the super cassis power. I am expecting my change every day, and I love to see myself in the mirror right now.


Experience 2


Hitomi Yishiyama female, age: 34, Japanese

I am doing the clothing business for many years, and I work with the models together every day. When I was a teenager I worn very thin clothes regardless of the seasons and weather due to the kind of my job. Because of this, I have problems of rheumatism and afraid of cold. When I traveled to the states, my friends introduce me the super cassis power. I didn't believe it at the beginning, so I started to eat it until it was put at my home 5 months later. After eating for one week, I went to another location, but it rained. Even so, surprisingly, I didn’t feel that cold like before. After I take the super cassis power for two months, I am not afraid of cold sensitively. Till now, I have been taking the super cassis power for a year, and my biggest change is that people always think me is twenty three or five year old. I feel happy.


Experience 3

Ming Yuan Female, age: 23, Chinese

I have been troubled by the dysmenorrheal for long time. Sometime I cannot even go to work when it pains seriously, I can only stay at home to rest. My cousin sent me the super cassis power from US. When I take the product for two months, I didn’t feel uncomfortable and I didn’t even know my period comes. I have been taking the product for three months, and now I can go to work during my period comes. I really thank the super cassis power a lot. Vision Smart Center advised me to care about the dietary food and doing some exercises, I really notice that healthcare is so important. I feel myself much more refresh.



Experience 4


Xiang Dan, female, age: 36, Chinese

I am a housewife. I am too busy to dress up every day because I need to take care of the children. I realized it’s important to love myself after divorce. A friend of mine introduced me the Super Cassis Power. First, I know that European blackurrant is more abundant in nutrients than blueberry; its ability to protect against aging is the best. But I have never seen a functional supplement made from blackcurrant. When my friend bought it for me from the US, I took the product for three months without doubt. I take every day, it’s been half a year so far. My skin becomes much better than before; also my hair and nails are bright. I found what I lost before. I am so confident because of Super Cassis Power.

Experience 5

Guixiang Xing, female, age: 56, Chinese

My friends discuss the problems of menopause every day, but I don’t feel it. One year ago, I purchased an anti-aging product in the US. I didn’t know what the anthocynin is at that time, but I just want to be beautiful. Recently I just get known anthocynin is a kind of anti-aging nutrient element. Most of my friends have a menopause, but I don’t. it is a big concern for the women at this kind of age. After taking the super cassis power for one year, when I go out with my daughter people often misunderstand we are sisters. My daughter is unhappy, but I feel pleasant in my mind. I am persuading my daughter to take the Super Cassis Power.

Experience 6

Rora Liang, female, age: 39, Chinese

I am a stylist, not only I design for other people, but also value on my own image. I took a lot supplement products before, but they all didn’t work. Last year I went to US to be on location, and my skin became very weak after exposed to the California sunshine. So my friends helped me to buy some health products good for skin. After I took them for one week, my pains in the shoulder had recovered. One month later, my skin also became better, the sunburn is recovered. I also have a tracheitis problem, I feel it was improved. I don’t know how powerful the super cassis power is, but it makes significant sense for me.

Experience 7

ying Wang female,age: 27 Chinese

I am a student study abroad. My eyes are not good since I was young, in addition to the hard work of study I feel like my dry eye problem is getting worse. My skin got pimples; and I feel distressed. The Super Cassis Power which is popular in Japan attracted me, and I made my mind to attempt it. After taking the super cassis power for one month and a half, my dry eye problem and shoulder pains disappeared. It makes my study easier. The happiest thing for me is that my pimples don't grow any more. I really thank the Super Cassis Power.


Experience 1

Name: David Han

Age: 54

Occupation: Computer Programmer

My Story: I don’t exactly remember when I began working as a computer programmer, but it has been more than 25 years. About every 3 or 4 months, my small blood vessels popped on the side of my eye area. This had occurred for more than 10 years, and in the beginning I went to see a doctor, who was of little help. The doctor instructed me to rest, but my job did not let me take a break from computer usage.

One time, my eyes even turned red, which lasted for more than two weeks. Then, one day, my doctor found out that the blood had stayed in my eye’s retina area, and told me that it could cause me to lose my vision. Although my doctor recommended eye surgery, I decided against it.

At this time, I began taking Vision Smart 500. For the first 8 months, my eyes still got red several times. When this happened, I would take 3-4 capsules of Vision Smart Supreme per day, and it would go away within 3-5 days. Today, I cannot remember when my eye redness last occurred. It was almost 1½ years ago since it happened, and I have been taking Vision Smart 500 for more than 2 years now.

Experience 2

Name: Jonathan Park

Age: 52 years old

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant

My Story: I have worked with computers over 25 years, specifically during tax season when I used to work on them 15-18 hours per day, sometimes even longer. For the majority of the year, I used my computer for 10-12 hours per day during work, and I was suffering from myopia.

I underwent Lasik eye surgery four years ago, but it did not work well for me. After my Lasik surgery, I was still suffering from eye stiffness. I did not realize this at the time, but nearly every afternoon I was suffering from fatigue too. Since I began taking Vision Smart Supreme, I felt relaxed, and I began to notice that my vision was improving. Now, I can’t live without Vision Smart Supreme, especially during the tax season. When I find myself tired, I consume 2-3 capsules of this product per day.

Experience 3

Name: D. Kim

Age: 82 years old

My Story: I had been struggling to read the newspaper and watch the television, and I could only read the newspaper for about 20-30 minutes, even with my reading glasses. When I would read, I got tired easily, and I went to see my doctor many times regarding this, but he simply replied that I was getting too old.

After I took Vision Smart Supreme for only 3 days I could tell a difference, and I soon started to read newspapers and books for 1-2 hours per day. After I took Vision Smart Supreme for 2 months, I did not have any more problems reading or watching the television for at least 3-5 hours per day.

Experience 4

Name: Michelle Ha

Age: 47 years old

My Story: My main symptom was watery eyes whenever I was around cold air, or when I was tired; and I also suffered from cold sores in my mouth whenever I became tired. I live in Dallas, Texas where the weather was really hot, but due to the severity of my watery eyes, I couldn’t even turn on the air conditioner in my car.

Whenever I got a cold sore, the symptoms usually lasted 2-3 weeks, and during this time it was difficult for me to even eat or brush my teeth. After I began taking Vision Smart, both symptoms went away. Once in a while, I still get a cold sore in my mouth, but it doesn’t stay the length that it used to. Whenever I get a cold sore now, I normally take 3-4 capsules of Vision Smart per day, and it usually goes away within 2-3 days, and now I am finally able to enjoy driving in my car with the air conditioner on.

Experience 5

Name: Ms. Paik

Age: 48 years old

My Story: I had suffered from dry eyes for several years, and I could not live without my eye drops. I went to see several different eye doctors, but I could not get any help for my condition. I took many kinds of supplements, but none of them seemed to work. Another symptom that bothered me was the fact that my eyes got very red.

I didn’t expect much when I first started taking Vision Smart Supreme, but about 3 weeks later, I noticed that I didn’t use my eye drops as frequently as before. Also, my eyes quit getting as red, which made me really happy. About 2 months later, I knew that I didn’t need to use my eye drops anymore, and since then I do not suffer from any dry eye symptoms. I have been taking Vision Smart for more than 1 year, and I can now go several months without having to use any eye drops.

Experience 6

Wang Xin, Male, age 25, Chinese

My eyes were good when I was young, but from high school when I started to learn computer program my eyes have the flash problem. After I went back home, I used computer until 2:00am every day. One time when I get up I cannot see anything for a while, and I was scared. My mom bought a lot of medicine, but they didn’t help. My senior from the school introduced me the Vision Smart Supreme. I have no other choices, so tried two months. Surprisingly, my headache has gone after I took the vision smart only for three weeks. My eye fatigue symptom was improved. Even though I play video games until 3:00 am, my eyes didn’t feel fatigue and dry. My eyes feel more comfortable than before when I get up. It is impossible to give up computer work or my eyes, so I should depend on Vision Smart Supreme help.

Experience 7

Xie jiahui, female, age: 13, Chinese

I am a student in primary school. I need to take classes after school every day due to the study pressure. I am always the top 3 student, but this time I got a top 10. My mom was angry. Actually, my mom didn’t know that I cannot see my teacher’s notes recently. Doctor suggested me wear a glass, but I don’t want to. Since I go to learn ballet 3 days a week I am afraid of being laughed by my friends. Afterwards, my mom bought the vision smart 500 to me, I can see clearly after taking it for one month. Mom told me it is good for brain health, so I keep eating for three months. I was easy to catch a cold, but now I have been absent in class because of getting a cold. I got a top one this semester. I don't know how good the Vision Smart Supreme is, I just listen to my mother. Right now when I go to practice ballet I don’t worry about being laughed.